To be honest we are feeling fairly overwhelmed by all the scheduling for the day, is this something you can help us with?

Absolutely! With my experience of over 1200 weddings I am quite a wedding schedule expert now. I’m more than happy to run through the timings with you and work out what suits your vibe and plans best while still giving us the best possible amount of time and beautiful light for portraits.

We are quite nervous about having our photos taken, we have never done this!!

That is honestly the most common thing I hear from couples. Most of the couples you see in my portfolio have said the exact same thing and I work with you both before the wedding and on the day to help you feel relaxed. I’m really good at reading how you are both feeling and making sure you are having fun during the shoot. Most people who’ve just met me think I’m pretty funny, it’s only those that have known me for a little while that don’t anymore.

Are there any videographers you recommend and have worked with before?

There most certainly are, some of my closest friends. Jump across to my recommended vendor list to see all my favourite wedding industry humans in one spot.

Do you offer fine art albums?

I sure do, these are the perfect way to print and display your wedding images.

It looks like you get pretty adventurous on the portrait shoots, do we have to?

Look...I’ve ruined quite a few pairs of Jimmy Choos in my time I’m not going to lie. I do love going off-road a little, climbing rocks and jumping fences to get the perfect scene with you in it. But… If you really would rather stay on the safe side of the fence that is totally fine. I won’t judge you.

What's the booking process?

Fill out my contact form with as much info as possible and I’ll reply as soon as I can with all the details.